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An Offering of Incense…

December 8, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to My Alabaster Box. More specifically, welcome to the Christmas Collection from My Alabaster Box: An Offering of Incense.

I started this series earlier this month, so I’ll be porting those over from from the other blog, and for now, I may well post them all in both places. But this Christmas series, I think, provides the perfect launch for this entire project. It is, as Bob Wiley would have so excitedly said, “a Baby Step”.

What will you find in this collection? More musical musings, most of which are centered on Christmas carols (but not exclusively), aiming to discuss what Christmas is all about and what it means to me. You’ll find poetry I’ve written over the years (and who knows, I may write a new one this year… we’ll see!) that relate to this theme of Christmas, of Christ coming to earth and what that means to all of us. There might even be a book review in here! (No promises on that one).

Enjoy, ladies and gentleman. After all, it’s Christmas, and it’s only fitting that this loving heart enthrone Him and offer Him incense… from My Alabaster Box.


Welcome To WordPress

July 4, 2008

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first post at the new blogging service I’m trying out. If I like it, if it’s easy to use, you’ll find me porting all the old stuff over here (so you don’t have to back and forth between the two sites) eventually.

Organizational notes: Yeah, this place is still really bare, sorry. Give me time to get my head wrapped around it and get going (which is why even though I’m writing this, I’m not actually linking it to the other site yet!) so that I can sort out how best to make this work for me.

You’ll find 6 sorts of posts over here (that I can think of at the moment): Poetry, Musical Musings, Prosaical Ponderings, Nerdly Goodness, Nifty Notes, and Organizational Stuff. This, for instance, would be an “Organizational Stuff”. Nifty Notes will be recipes I like or am trying, reccommendations… things that don’t quite fit other categories, but aren’t totally random. The Poetry, Musings, and Ponderings will also be marked with categories that indicate how long I think they are… Tiny Tidbits, Minute Musings, Medium Meditations, or Thorough Thoughts.

I’ll link to some nifty tools, too… stuff to help in blogging, tools for writing (be that the mechanics of writing, or ideas to keep the juices flowing), bible study tools… this is as much for my benefit as yours, at least for now.

Watch this space folks; once I get rolling, this stone won’t get the chance to gather moss!