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Where is God now?

January 1, 2009

One of the most common questions is “Where is God when bad things happen to good people”, or “How can you trust God when you’re suffering so much?”

You see, it’s tempting to think that God is a giver of good things, and once you have God in your life, everything is sunshine and roses. In Christian parlance, this is the question of mountain tops versus the valley. You see, when you’re on the mountain top, it’s easy to be close to God, it’s easy to separate yourself from all the distractions that keep you from devotion to God. It’s a picture of the highs in our life.

But when we’re down, when we’re in the valley, in “the shadow of death”, in the lows, it’s harder to stay connected to God. Indeed, there are doctrines that claim that you are struggling in your health, or your life, then it’s because you don’t have enough faith. You feel like everyone is looking down at you and asking “Where is God now?”

Let me tell you, Beloved. God is holding me here. God is here, in the Valley. He’s hiding my soul in the cleft of the rock, like He hid Moses, and He’s carrying me.

You will never see My God bigger or more powerful than you will now, here in the Valley. Because here in the moment of my greatest weakness, God is Strongest. So if you want to know who my God is, if you want to know where God is now? Look down here in the Valley. Dare a glance down here in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, because you’ll never have a better view of God than the one you’ll see down here.

And if being broken is what it cost me to find my God in this complete strength, it was completely worth it.

Where is God now? You mean you can’t see Him? He’s the one carrying me.



December 8, 2008

Humble birth
Redeeming Earth
Stable lowly
Savior holy
Angels singing
Triumph ringing
Perfect plan
Saving man
Worship now
Shepherds bow
Lord of all
In a stall
Virgin’s womb
Empty tomb
God is here
Salvation nears
Hosannahs ring
Christ is King

I wrote this 3 years ago to celebrate Christmas; a friend called it a rap, which makes me laugh. I include it here to show you that even then, my thoughts of Christmas never ended with the infant in the manger, but moved forward, to the ultimate fulfilment of God’s plan.